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The following notes cover the entire Physics 20 curriculum (2007 version). I don’t intend that my students use these notes as an excuse to skip class… in fact I’ve put them here for the exact opposite reason. If you already have these notes when you come to class, you’ll find it easier to follow my explanations as I go through them. You are not required to access these notes… you are not missing anything if you completely ignore this web site. 

All of the chapters listed here for the regular Physics 20 course are based on the order of the Pearson Physics textbook. At the bottom of each page you will find a note telling you what section the notes correspond to from the text book . Any lessons showing "AP Only" are meant for students enrolled in the Advanced Placement Physics course.

You will need a program that can read "pdf" files, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, to view the files on this page. This ability is built in to Linux computers, and most Windows and Mac computers already have Acrobat Reader installed. Please download and install Acrobat Reader (100% free & safe program) on your computer by clicking on the link below if you have problems reading the notes. 

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Please read disclaimer and copyright information at the bottom of this page. Viewing or downloading these files represents your acceptance of these conditions as stated. It has been brought to my attention that a large number of my notes are being posted by other people to websites such as Course Hero ( Please understand that this is a direct violation of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License that these notes are released under. First, my work is not being directly attributed to myself; leaving the copyright on the pages is not enough and actually shows that you are using someone elses work. Second, it involves the work being accessable only behind a paywall which violates the non-commercial element. Please respect the open nature of my work here and do not violate the conditions of the license by reposting or uploading. Questions can be directed to me at


Physics Data Sheet
List of Physics Directing Words
Lab Manual
Anatomy of an Answer
Top 10 Things to Know to Survive
Physics 20/30 Program of Studies

Zipped Note Packs

These zipped files contain all the notes available here separately as one convenient download...
Review Notes
Unit 1: Kinematics (Chp 1 & 2) Notes
Unit 2: Dynamics (Chp 3 & 4) Notes
Unit 3:Circular Motion, Work & Energy (Chp 5 & 6) Notes
Unit 4: Oscillatory Motion & Waves (Chp 7 & 8) Notes
All AP Notes Zipped


1: Metric System
2: Precision and Accuracy
3: Significant Digits
4: Scientific Notation
5: Expressing Errors in Measurements
6: Manipulating Equations
7: Graphing
Graphing Worksheet
Review Worksheet (Answer Key)

Chapter 1: Kinematics

8: Velocity
9: d-t & v-t Graphs
10: Acceleration
11: The Other Formulas
12: Gravity
d-t & v-t Graph Worksheet
Chapter 1 Worksheet

Chapter 2: Vectors

13: Vectors in One Dimension
14: Vectors in Two Dimensions
15: Solving Vector Problems in Two Dimensions
16: Relative Motion
17: Projectiles Launched Horizontally
18: Projectile Motion at an Angle
Chapter 2 Worksheet

Chapter 3: Forces

19: Galileo & Newton
20: Galileo's Force Theories
21: Free Body Diagrams
22: Net Force
23: Newton's First Law (Inertia)
24: Newton's Second Law (Motion)
25: Newton's Third Law (Action-Reaction)
26: Friction
27: Gravity on Inclined Planes
27a: Torque (AP Only)
Chapter 3 Worksheet

Chapter 4: Gravity

28: Weight, Mass, & Fields
29: Newton's Law of Universal Law of Gravitation
30: Gravitational Field Strength
Chapter 4 Worksheet

Chapter 5: Circular Motion

31: Circular Motion
32: Measuring Circular Motion
33: Horizontal & Vertical Circular Motion Problems
34: Brahe & Kepler
35: Kepler's Three Laws of Planetary Motion
36: Satellites
Chapter 5 Worksheet

Chapter 6: Energy

37: Work & Energy
38: Graphing Work
39: Kinetic & Potential Energy
40: Conservation of Energy
41: Power
42: Efficiency
Chapter 6 Worksheet

Thermodynamics (AP Only)

42a: Kinetic Theory of Gases (AP Only)
42b: First Law of Thermodynamics (AP Only)
42c: PV Diagrams (AP Only)
42d: Second Law of Thermodynamics (AP Only)

Chapter 7: Simple Harmonic Motion

43: Simple Harmonic Motion
44: Acceleration, Velocity, & Period in SHM
45: Resonance

Chapter 8: Waves

46: Properties of Waves
47: Wave Velocity & Boundaries
48: Superpositioning
49: Standing Waves
50: Resonating Air Columns
51: Doppler Effect
Chapter 8 Worksheet

Fluids (AP Only)

54: Fluids (AP Only)
55: Archimedes' Principle (AP Only)
56: Pressure (AP Only)
57: Pascal's Principle (AP Only)
58: Pressure in Static Fluid Columns (AP Only)
59: Principle of Continuity (AP Only)
60: Bernoulli's Equation (AP Only)
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