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Please visit my Cafepress Studyphysics Store to purchase professionally produced merchandise, such as shirts, mugs, and license plate frames! Please note that all merchandise in the Cafepress site is listed in US dollars.

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For Students...

Mr.Clintberg's Physics 30 Diploma Prep Manual
Don’t have the time to get to a diploma prep course, or don’t have that much money to pay for it? Have no fear, Mr. C’s here! I have created a diploma prep manual that you can buy online and have delivered to your email!

The 25 page manual has the following chapters:
Chapter 1: The Diploma Format
Chapter 2: Common Errors
Chapter 3: Special Skills
Chapter 4: How the Diploma is Marked

All this for just $5.00 ! Simply use the PayPal button shown here to make your payment, and within 24 hours the manual will be in your email.

System Requirements:
Adobe Acrobat Reader (free program, click here)
A valid email account that can receive an attachment of approximately 1 Meg

Your copy of the manual will be emailed to whatever email address is associated with the PayPal account you use to pay unless you give special instructions. If you have not received your copy of the manual within 24 hours after payment, please email me.

For Teachers...

All items available here can be paid for from a PayPal account if you have one, or by major credit card through PayPal. Unless otherwise instructed, you will receive special instructions on how to download your purchase once your payment has been confirmed by me. Please allow up to 24 hours for confirmation. .

Physics 20 Presentations

Each of these presentations was created to match the Physics 20 1994 (Revised) Program of Studies. At this time they do not match the Physics 20 2007 Program of Studies, although there are some similarities between the programs. All presentations come as both Microsoft Office XP PowerPoint and Impress files to ensure the highest possible compatibility for everyone (click here for a sample PowerPoint and Impress file).

Unit 1: Kinematics & Dynamics

Lessons 1 to 25

Price: $12.50
Unit 2: Circular Motion & Gravitiation

Lessons 26 to 41

Price: $12.50
Unit 3: Mechanical Waves

Lessons 42 to 51

Price: $12.50
Unit 4: Light

Lessons 52 to 62

Price: $12.50

All Four Units!

Buy All Lessons 1 to 62 and Save $10!

Price: $40.00

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